"A pink miracle for under $1,000. The second watch from California-based microbrand Dumoreau is extremely well-considered, rich, and original in detail. However technical the name of the Dumoreau DM02 may sound, the lively and organic design of the piece has a lot to offer for the budget." -FRATELLO MAGAZINE


"Across all elements of proportion, texture, colour and style, the dial of the Dumoreau DM02 is a masterful composition." -TIME + TIDE


"The new brand’s second release is a chic, hand-wound Swiss dress watch with three dial colours and unique design elements." -MONOCHROME


"The brand’s thoughtful design did not end with the dial, though. Careful consideration was also given to make the case not only beautiful to look at, but also comfortable. At 39mm in diameter, 9.5mm-thick, and 46mm lug-to-lug, it will wear very well on most wrists." -A BLOG TO WATCH


 "That salmon dial is beautiful!" -WATCHCHRIS [VIDEO]


"Talk about simplicity and class, this DM02 is absolutely insane in its functionality and elegance." -THE TIME TELLER [VIDEO]


"Un bellísimo reloj bien proporcionado con una caja muy suave perfectamente pulida, como una joya con amplios detalles y refinaciones." -EL RELOJERO [VIDEO]